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FreddeRico aka Mr. Global Citizen is a Swedish recording artist, producer, songwriter and arranger from Lund and with over 23 years he has created an ongoing musical canvas to reflect the passion for music productions to songwriting and vocal harmonies. His emotional inspiration is pop, R&B and hip-hop but he doesn’t confine himself into an artistic box for the status quo fans.  While traveling abroad in Europe, Africa and Central America he has had numerous social interaction with the local artistic community which gave him a new outlook for future collaboration. At the age of 15, FreddeRico was featuring on artist albums such as Same Blood and Lovemark. Lovemark who participated on a popular Swedish television show X-Factor and has continued to drop new material.


The debut EP “ I’ve Got Soul” had four tracks, but one of the songs “Here I am” became a local hit on the radio in the south of Sweden. This put FreddeRico on the map and gave him a large fan base of the southern region of Sweden. He started gigging at major clubs and concert venues such as Malmö Festival, Madri Gras Festival, Palladium, Mejeriet, Hipp, Slaghuset and Glorias. That contributed to FreddeRico’s momentum and he moved on to secure a contract with Ruben Garay, the owner and creator of the Britney Spears internet page called the World of He wrote, produced and recorded the theme song for the website which gave him major recognition in the U.S. market.  

The popular U.S. mixtape label Coast2Coast approached him to feature his song “She Is A Bad Girl” on the mixtape compilation hosted by Chris Brown. Other collaborating artists on the same mixtape were Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Beyoncé, The Game, Jadakiss, Talib Kweli, Freeway, and many others. The song “She Is A Bad Girl” started getting airplay on American radio station and his fan base grew further. This encouraged FreddeRico to immediately work on finishing his own demo with different producers and then started submitting it to record labels. He got a record contract offer from the label PbP Inc and after having several negotiation meetings FreddeRico decided to sign the deal.  There was no hesitation from FreddeRico and PbP Inc so they released the first single called “I Will ” that got a lot of love from the U.S. fans base and created a new following from Central

America. The next single release was “Don’t Go” and it got top rotation on radio stations as well as the video on major television networks within U.S. and Central America. FreddeRico racked up 1.344,400 unique streaming users on YouTube. 


While FreddeRico’s music career was soaring all of suddenly a major setback occurred that stop him from singing and to barely speak. This forced him into a medical vocal rehabilitation hiatus for more than a year. He took the incident as a blessing in disguise to work on upgrading his musicality by sound designing and building a proper recording studio. During the healing process he develop his musical craft to a whole new level in offering songwriting to other recording artists and taught himself to play new instruments.

FreddeRico’s mixing and mastering skills started being sought after from various artists and bands. But better yet he found his musical sound as an artist, songwriter and producer during this time. Now FreddeRico’s back to offer music lovers and fans a new beginning and end of the past. Join the music journey of FreddeRico constantly processing to bang out songs that will effect your mode.   

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